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Organic Maca Root Capsules 2500mg High Strength Pure Maca NO ADDITIVES Vegan Superfood 60 Capsules


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Enhance Your Overall Health And Feel Great With High-Strength Maca Extract Capsules 2500mg Supplement by EnerGo Food

Also known by its scientific name, Lepidium Meyenii, maca is a plant native to the Andes of Peru which grows naturally at high-altitude and has been a part of local diets for centuries.

Now you can also reap the rewards of EnerGo Food maca root capsules, as it is a highly nutritious supplement naturally packed with vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, zinc, fibers and more.

Invest In The Top Quality Of A EU-Packed Maca Superfood!

Carefully packed in the EU, our Organic maca root powder is an exceptional quality high-strength extract with increased nutritional benefits. It’s ideal for Vegan, Kosher and Halal diets.

Your whole family can benefit from our maca extract powder. You need only one capsule per day to get daily nutrition. One capsule with a strong concentrate is an equivalent of 2500mg of raw maca powder without any additives!

Why This Is The Best Maca Supplement You Could Ever Use?

The potential benefits you may experience:

Provides anti-aging properties
Improves your mood and memory
Boosts your energy levels and stamina
Supports healthy hormone levels and reduces stress
Bolsters and boosts your immune system
Provides healthy and glowing skin
Promotes good reproductive health

Disclaimer: Maca powder is not a medicine, but a very nutritious root that is good for your overall health.

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