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Nuxe – Nuxuriance Ultra Rich Face Cream – 50ml


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This anti-aging rich cream with Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-floral Cells helps regenerate the skin, reshape facial contours and smooth away wrinkles. Skin appears younger: smooth and dense, seemingly replumped. Its natural radiance is enhanced. This anti-aging rich cream provides nourishment, suppleness and comfort.

Rich and melting lamellar texture. Natural-origin ingredients including Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral® Cells, Meadowfoam and extract of Organic Poppy Petals.

93.4% ingredients of natural origin
*According to the ISO 16128 standard, the remaining % contribute to the integrality and sensoriality of the formula

Fragrance: a sophisticated scent of white flowers and sandalwood conveying a feminine and elegant mood.


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